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The sound a wanna-be squid stunter makes when teaching a clutch up a wheelie, while charging $50 riding a new GSX-R 1000750600.
DBAG STUNTS: "To do a second gear wheelie, go YUT-UGHHH at like 8 grand..."

Friendly Reminder: Don't bother with circle burnouts on a bike unless you have bigger sprockets! Shout out to the Idol Riders!
by D BAG STUNTS February 13, 2009

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The Noise that is made from riding a gsxr1000-750-600 when you are completing a Clutch up Wheelie. Also known as the Novistar Wheelie or D-Bag Training
My bikes goes Yut Ughhh when i do wheelies
by dp672 February 13, 2009
A phrase created by some dork who hopes it will blow up and become viral among sportbike riders.
"I wanna be e-popular, so I'll create my own phrase even though it doesn't even sound like what I'm describing. I know, let's call it yut ughhh."
by And it's like that. March 01, 2009