A name too often associated with girl on girl porn, meaning lily in Japanese it is a beautifully elegant name.
Usually an unusual female (if Japanese) clever, and with a great personality, sometimes shy and reserved but when you get to know a Yuri you will love her! (they are not all lesbians you know.)

If male then a A Yuri is an interesting yet mysterious Russian man who is bored of getting asked if he is secretly a lesbian.
I met a girl called "Yuri" on the beach, she was so beautiful! ~ That Russian man just said his name was "Yuri" But i think he may just be a lesbian in disguise. ~ I am not a lesbian "yuri" is a man's name in russia
by DrunkenFool July 28, 2013
The hottest Russian boy you will ever meet.
That Yuri is so damn fine; I want to tap that shit.
by Russian Girl September 01, 2008
An obvious or intentional lesbian relationship, using sexual.
Tomoyo and Sakura are not a yuri couple, because they have never done anything sexual.
by Kenri October 06, 2003
A guy who keeps his hat on during sex.
You think Papa Smurf takes his hat off during sex? Naw, man. He's a total yuri.
by Wupah1 January 12, 2007
person that likes to watch porn 'till 4, mostly has a strong right arm which he uses to mosh during in flames and other ass-kick bands.
'look at those arms, he must be a Yuri'
by Blutzucker January 20, 2009
Yuri's Revenge, popular computer game.
Person 1: "Wanna Yuri?"
Person 2: "Yeah sure. I'll be online in a sec"
by TheKlause May 12, 2005
Description of a type of role taken by players of the popular PC game "CounterStrike". This role consists of staying in an advantageous spot (also known as camping) and waiting for targets to appear through ones targetting reticle. Made famous by one SOAYuri
Careful someone could be at the Yuri spot.
What a dirty Yuri!
by Hyori October 22, 2004

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