1-An awesome first name from russia that unfortunately has had its reputation ruined by japanese perverts

Teresa- Hello what is your name
Yuri- Hi my name is Yuri
Teresa- nice to meet you... doesn't your name mean lesbian porn in japan...
Yuri-...(Awkward silence)... Wanna film ourselves having sex?
Teresa- sure lets go to my apartment
Yuri-Fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!
by Alfredosauce97 June 24, 2011
Defines as an anime relation that envolves female to female contact. Kind of like lesbians they are in love, and take part in love type activities.May it be sexual or not.
"My, Don't Anzu and Mai make a cute yuri couple?"
by ShimmeringSilver May 29, 2006
Yuri is a wide-spread Slavic name commonly used throughout Russia and its former territories, namely the Ukraine and Belorus. The name derives from a Russian equivalent of George -- Georgiy (ghe-or-ghiy), and is a Russified, colloqual form. The Orthodox church does not accept this form and babies and grown-ups baptized are given the name of Georgiy (George).
Who is this start-up founder? His name is Yuri Baranov, and he launched a few successful companies.
by kumicho July 03, 2009
Yuri, or fully known as Kwon Yuri (권유리), is a South-Korean idol, singer, dancer, model, TV presenter and actress, who is part of the South-Korean girl group SNSD (So Nyeo Shi Dae: 소녀시대) or otherwise known as Girls' Generation. She is the most beautiful, perfect, sexy, hot, cheerful, incredible, lovely person that you will ever meet. Her looks and personality will make any guy, or even girl, fall in love with her in an instant. She has participated in numerous amounts of shows, dramas, concerts, photo shoots, commercials both as part of SNSD or as an individual act.
Host: What do you talk about when all the members are gathered here like this?
Yoona: I don't know, just whatever comes up, or what is going on. What normal girls would say.
Yuri: I just like listening to Yoona talk.
by littlehorse2156 April 20, 2013
To be the first one to do something spectacular. Derived from the Russian Cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space.
Anthony knew that the only way to boost sales on his AT-HOME-LIPOSUCTION kit was to do a Yuri and have his cousin Sal videotape the amazingly simple procedure using a bicycle pump, surgical tubing and a turkey baster.
by harry flashman July 24, 2003
A japanese term for a love relation ship between two girls (Lesbian) often used in anime. however there are very few yuris out there so yuri fans are quite neglected
Girl 1: i love yuri

Okazu fan: so do i

Girl 2: you like manga like chirality too?

Girl 1: yeah!
by theyurireviewer October 05, 2010
The same as "yaoi" But with the oppiste gender
yaoi with females is called yuri
by Emi Yagami February 15, 2009
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