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(noun): A genre of stereotype that is usually a young suburban white male. A devolution of a yuppie and a hipster. Can be characterized by the wearing of their sisters pants, v-neck shirts, 40 year-old lesbian haircut and ironic eyewear. Listens to music too cool for you on University independent radio. Babbles about the environment and being a vegan, as if anybody gives a shit. WARNING: Adhering to the yuppster ways is hazardous to your health . Loss of testosterone due to tight pants and frequent neck problems from constantly jerking your head back to get your bangs out of your face.
Chase: Did you meet the new guy chris?
Clint: You mean the guy who is wearing his sisters clothes whilst having a dinner plate in his ear, like he's on the cover of national geographic?
Chase: Ooohh yeah, total yuppster.
Clint: Man, id love to kick that guy in the nuts!
by By-god Bob April 18, 2011

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