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Two beers and a coffee - typically consumed by yuppies at lunch on a workday.
"It's Dog-fucking Friday, let's go do a few yuppie speedballs."
by Cockulon 3000 February 24, 2005
An unwise mix of overpriced coffee and prescription sleep aids.
Traveler 1: Why are you taking a Starbucks double espresso with you on the plane? I thought you said you were going to try and sleep off your jet lag?
Traveler 2: Oh that won't be a problem, I'll take an Ambien.
Traveler 1: Is that safe? That's like some kind of Yuppie Speedball.
Traveler 2: Like what killed Jim Belushi?
Traveler 1: No, you mean John Belushi, but yes.
by Uberhart Monkeybert November 29, 2009
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