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an individual in the midst of an identity crises due to redneck family origins vs. the yuppie culture and behavior that they are acclimated to.
Conversation between a yuppie redneck mother and son:

Mom: "Tucker, you need to get a job son! I can't continue to make the payments on your Z71."

Tucker: "You know I done had 5 heat strokes in the past 2 years, and I can't work outside no more."

Mom: "Well you drink enough Starbucks, why don't you get a job down there?"

Tucker: "I'd probably have to work Saturdays, and then I'd miss the tailgating parties at Tiger Stadium. I mean, I know I flunked out, but all my friends are down there - I belong at LSU!"

Mom: "I sure wish you had gone to law school, and you go into practice with your daddy. Then you could pay for your own pickup truck!"
by Yelbis August 03, 2011