A term used by white people, in which to promote a positive affirmation.

In other words...yes
Person #1: You going to eat that?
Person #2: Yuppers
Person #1: Ok, I'll get my own then.
by PJ Rulz May 17, 2004
Another way to say yup. Why say yes or yup when you can say yuppers?
Did you go to the bathroom? Yuppers!
by MzMe January 15, 2011
"Yuppers", means the same as "yup".
Did you do good on your test?" "Yuppers!
by CAAStudio January 14, 2011
when things get slow in an A.I.M and u don't have anything to say instead of saying yeah you say yuppers
Lauren says, "O ic."
You answer, "Yuppers."
by ukwiam January 24, 2009
a word that belongs to allison leigh spittle
bleezy: yuppers
Allieson: uhh my word HOE
by allson September 03, 2008
the cool and improved way to say hell ya
R u hot...yuppers!

aka josh
aka jesus
by jessica March 25, 2004
A young city or suburban resident with a well-paid professional job and an affluent lifestyle.
A beggar who works as a managing director of Plumb Center.
by Philsley July 03, 2005

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