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1. Any organism lacking cognitive ability who can do the complicated (without understanding it) but entirely misses the obvious
2. A klutz

1. To flatten the forehead, usually with a large blunt object

1. Of or pertaining to Yupeng
2. Stupefyingly idiotic

Related Words: Yupenguin, Yupium, Yupain
Related Forms (unused, see forms of Yupenguin): Yupenate, Yupenize, Yupengly
Alex: "Haha, look over there; it's a yupeng."
Steven: "What the hell are you talking about?"
Alex: "That guy, right over there!" *points to open area with a few people scattered around*
Steven: *squints round eyes to form chinky eyes* "I don't see anything..."
Alex: "You know, the thing that spreads a stupifying drug when it's around you..."
Steven: *takes a second to realize that a yupeng is being referred to and suddenly sees it among the crowd* "OH WHOA! Holy shit, I couldn't see him because he was sideways!"

"Ow, that door just yupenged me! Why didn't you tell me it was closing?"

"Whoa, its a Yupeng sticker."
"Whoa, I just had a yupeng moment!"
by SITeorist October 11, 2006
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