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A character from the video game, Final Fantasy X. She was the one who granted a summoner the power of the "Final Aeon", by sacrificing on of the guardians with them on the summoner's pilgramige. The "Final Aeon" is the only thing that they thought of to defeat sin, but of course, the sacrifice of a person was harsh, and sin was revived anyways eventually after a period they called "The Calm" In Final Fantasy X, Yuna and her guardians defy that rule, and try to find another way to defeat sin.
Tidus:Damn Yunalesca is mean...lets get her!
by Major Ocelot May 17, 2005
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Lady Yunalesca (¥æ¥¦¥Ê¥ì¥¹¥«, Y¨±naresuka?) is a sexy scantily clad legendary ancient summoner from the city of Zanarkand and the daughter of Yu Yevon. She was the first person to ever defeat Sin. Yunalesca died while battling Sin but managed to bring the first Calm to Spira. After her death, Yunalesca remained as an unsent. To defeat Sin, Yunalesca created the process now known as the Final Summoning, which she believed was the only way to defeat Sin. Despite the failure of the technique to permanently destroy the creature, Yunalesca still espouses its use and, by instructing summoners in its use at the culmination of their pilgrimage, is responsible for perpetuating the cycle of Sin's regeneration and destruction for almost a thousand years. She is fought and vanquished by Yuna and her guardians when she tried to kill them for refusing to uphold the Final Summoning. But on the sequel, FFX2, YRP encountered a copy of Yunalesca created by Zaon in the Via Infinito, assumed her true form as the Chac fiend when it was killed to Zaon's horror. Yuna was named after her by Braska. She is scantily clad and wears nothing more than a bra-like top and g-string-like panties. Her ass is so hot and her body is tight for a video game charcter.
Damn Yunalesca is so hot one of her attacks should be she takes off what little clothing she has on and she lays on the ground, starts rubbing herself, spreads her legs, and starts saying "Fuck me Tidus!" Tidus starts fucking her. "Oh Tidus, don't stop keep going!"
by Dave_Dragon May 18, 2007

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