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a cross between yummy and fantastic. it happened to fall out of my mouth one day when i was mad.
'Oh wow, that sweetie is yumtastic!'
by natalie clegg November 28, 2004
MMMM......good....delicious...really tasty.
A mix of the phrase "YUM" and "FANTASTIC" creating "YUM-FANTASTIC"....i mean "YUM-TASTIC"
Damn *BEEP* dats sum YUM-TASTIC shit mother *BEEP*er
by Justin D May 08, 2003
A made up word used in the language of posh that must be spoken in an over accentuated fashion to describe pleasantry to the taste buds.
Mmmm ya-ya that is like, totally yumtastic ya.
by Ikalakinkaka June 25, 2013
what a fag says when he thinks hes too cool to say "yum"
that was super duper yumtastic you silly goose!
by kkk headmaster May 09, 2003