From Pidgin, the combination of you + me = yumi = us.
Flugbert came to see yumi, but Susej was out so I solely conversed with him.
by Somnbergsloe April 08, 2008
a crazy cool girl whos azn.
People usually have an alter with a clay sculpture of her head on it which they worship secretly in the back of their closets.
Yumi's so cool she made her ramen cold!
by naruto uzumaki September 02, 2006
1. The word for Japanese bow arachery
2. A popular Japanese female name
Name- Yumi Yoshimura, a singer
by skyclaw441 December 22, 2006
an amazing girl who has a great sence of humor, she is really fit and everbody wants to fuck her shes the girl everyboy wants, she is the most amazing girl ever
Guy1: Who is that girl she looks amazing?
Guy2: Thats yumi Goodbun she's the hottest girl in the school
Guy1: fuck yeah i really want to fuck her
by montypythonrules December 15, 2010
an asian girl who hooks up with dune koons
ur such a yumi..
by ishouldknowwho September 13, 2008
SHe is my my monkey baby she is my whole life well when she isnt being bad!?!
by michele September 21, 2003

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