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A way to convey that something being eaten is so tasty that it literally launches taste buds into orbit!
Person 1:
'I ate a huge Italian sub for lunch today'

Person 2:
'Yum Rocket!!!'
by Hdiggity007 January 23, 2013
A word used to describe a man's flaccid or erect penis.
Female- "Honey, lets go out to eat tonight."
Male- "No, how about you come and make out with my yum rocket instead."
by keedizle August 10, 2008
(n) 1) A term used to describe your penis with hopes of enticing a female to taste it.
2) The most idiotic term used to describe a foot-long submarine sandwich.
"Hey baby, this yum rocket will make your mouth water and your throat swell!"
by Daedric September 18, 2008
It is a sandwich, not a penis.
every definition for yum rocket on urbandictionary:penis
me:no it's not, people so nasty these days.
by Lucius Mayweather July 17, 2009
Most commonly referred to as the penis.
Give me a taste of that yum rocket!!!
by Dr. CAndy Awesomefaces! July 20, 2008