A girl. Simple and creative. Naive and innocent. Funniest person you will ever meet. Really shy and sensitive.. Very smart. Thinks life as a way to change the world, step by step. Color. Patterns. Plants. Animals.

Surprised in change in musical preference.
Yuliana makes everyone smile.
by JoshButtes December 13, 2012
Top Definition
Yuliana a funny and sensitive girl with a wild imagination. Yet very perceptive.
She has an accent when she speaks which makes her sensual and mysterious.
dude: Yuliana i dont know how to pronounce your name but you have a sexy accent.

girl: that chick with the "Y" name its so funny! I think she is a witch.
by Daily hunk February 08, 2011
This girl is a SEX goddesses, the most intelligent and fun Latina you'll ever be with.
Jake: Dude I want to bang Yuliana so bad
Tom: She is a 10, men you'll never have a chance
by Jaine234 March 06, 2014
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