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i'll give you a hint. it's long, black, and if you strike hard at it you can hit gold.
...so there i was and then i whipped out my yukon
by dj premier 4 lyfe June 25, 2010
36 24
Nickname for an internet troll. With the implication that they're alone in the wilderness, with nothing better to do than disrupt discussion forums.
He's our site's resident yukon.
by Anti-Canary May 11, 2013
9 5
Western-most territory of Canada.

Site of the Klondike and the legendary gold rush of 1898. Home to approx. 30,000 people.
George was hiding from the mafia so he headed to the wilds of the Yukon.
by batgirl33 August 08, 2004
70 245
A town in central Oklahoma.
Yukon was Yukon, is Yukon, and will always be Yukon.
by Dan June 05, 2006
45 273
where a bunch of gold prospectors live in northern canada. no one else in the rest of the country cares bout em.
yukon is where a bunch of hicks mine for gold.
by Way Up North December 14, 2007
22 255
Type of US 4 jeep made by General Motors
"In the Yukon, take the back seat out, throw in the fucking futon."
by DJ Remy L June 06, 2003
24 266