Ability to rap so well that you "spit sick from the mouth" or in other words "spit yukky".
by CROOK-NUSS September 10, 2004
Top Definition
A dope bay area rapper from the group Luniz (had the nation wide hit "i got 5 on it")

Has beef wit the rapper The Game
I'm a throw back finatic
air Force-attic
hard wood classic
fiddy cap to match it
Jeff hamilton jacket, NBA patches Gucci Interior H2, i'm stuntastic
by K-Feezy fo Sheezy May 04, 2005
A rapper originating from Oakland, California in the Bay Area. He is the CEO of Smoke-A-Lot Records, a subsidiary of Rap-A-Lot Records. Originally, Yukmouth was one half of the Luniz who were notable for producing one of the greatest weeds songs of all time, I Got Five On It. After the group's split in the late 90s, Yukmouth went solo and produced several albums that did not sell well nationally due to lack of promotion, however, these albums were incredibly popular in the Bay Area and managed to sell incredibly well there. Yukmouth is best known for his beefs with numrerous other rappers, some of which appear to be genuine while most seem generated to sell records (see added definition below). Yukmouth has had lyrical battles from the likes of Master P, supposedly fellow Bay Area rapper Too $hort, 50 Cent, and most notably The Game.

See player hater.
Yukmouth, despite being a fairly good rapper, always feels the need to start some shit with other MCs. I mean that "Game Ova" diss was funny, but why do you start shit out of thin air with rappers who you don't really know.
by Reggie Johnson July 17, 2006
a person whose mouth is full of rotted, broken, and/or nasty teeth. May or may not have bad breath. Can also apply to a person whose grill is not up to par.
Yo, Junebug down the street got a yukmouth!
by misssweetsweet March 28, 2009
Very bad teeth, Possibly due to not brushing, Flossing..ECT,
OMG! Did you see that guys Yuk Mouth. He prob Chews Tobacco.
by Jim Reed May 31, 2006
A term used to describe how your mouth tastes after a nasty night of drinking and eating.
I woke up this morning with the worst yukmouth that I have had in a long time
by Panchoman Jr. November 03, 2006
a mouth full of beatiful gold and ice
by italian darkness August 30, 2003
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