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mouth that is so dirty that it could incubate swine flu,

ass-tuberculosis, Krusty Krabs, and vaginal warts.
Filthy-ass triflin ass grill, never seen a brush before corrosive. Rancid foulness of the tongue, teeth, gums, upper esophagus, and lower nasal cavity. Unfriendly and unwelcoming. On flame. would do the hiesman on that hoe
Guy 1: A dog, shawty at the bar thick as hell.
Guy 2: you betta go get up on that shit

(guy 1 walks over to girl)
Girl: Hi
Guy 1: DAMN!!!!!! bitch. SECURITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(guy 1 walks back to guy 2)
Guy 1:
That bitch had a Yuk mouf
by REso February 08, 2010
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