An internet meme that means exactly the same thing as yes. It it is specifically derived from the Garrysmod Clan of Warriors of Gmod. Which is now of course dead and full of 12- year olds who obsess over their Soviet Unions and air soft guns.
{WOG} Ninjus: sup
{WOG} Tedddd: soup
{WOG} Ninjus: so um did u ever finish uploading the dups to the server?
{WOG} Tedddd: yu
{WOG} Ninjus: kk brb poop
by Ninjus January 02, 2010
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a very confusing name but very cool at the same time
hey Yu, i mean yu, not you john.
by ted August 14, 2004
how wiggers spell you
yu r mah dewd-wigger kid
****slap slap****-black kid shows white kid whats good
by philISgay November 16, 2009
Guitarist of Cinema Bizarre
He iz sexy hexy tbh (:
YU iz sexy hexy
by YU4eva April 30, 2009
A big hunk of ginger love who just loves to cuddle
The Yu bounced over to the group of people and hugged them all
by Jommo July 12, 2004
yu just means you

bob: i love yu
tina: i love yu too
by chad...... March 21, 2006
a korean kid at my school that sucks the cock and sleeps with his teachers for extra credit. by the way, his penis is the size of a pea.
Yu is a fucking retard, he cant get good grades so he lets his teachers do him up the butt.
by Rizzi February 16, 2005

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