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A greeting used by intellectual youth, as a representation for the pursuit of individuality.
Yoz my brutha
by Tye Bey July 13, 2008
"Yo! What's Up?" or with misspelling "Yo! Zup? as a short of "What's Up"
Danny: "Hello! Guy, What's Up?"
Guy: "Yoz!, Danny"
by ^indika^ May 25, 2005
Phonetic spelling of Joz, australian slang for a joint. Some Australians think it clever to replace the 'J' sound with a 'Y' sound, giving the word a swedish quality. Thus furthering the stereotype that australians are in fact, culturally retarded.
Stoner #1: "Yo dude roll us a yoz..."
Stoner #2: "Fuck man, that sounds swedish, you're like swedish or something."
by QuietMelonHead January 05, 2011
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