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A slang word used for browsing youtube for videos.
Hey wots poppin?
not much just youtubin.
by Dave222 May 02, 2007
23 4
A slang word for 'browsing youtube and/or watching youtube videos' Can be used in multiple conversations.
Man - Brb gonna do some youtubin'

Man 1 - Hey were the hell have you been? We were all gonna meet up at the mall.

Man 2 - I was youtubin', got hooked into watching the longest video on youtube
by PossibleTheory February 21, 2010
4 0
(Usually caused by boredom), the act of only going on the computer so you can search random videos on YouTube.
I was so bored last night, I just decided to go YouTubin' for a bit.
by qwerty12323 November 25, 2007
5 2