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Someone who trolls the internet denouncing religion because he viewed a few videos on Youtube about evolution and religion. Typically 13-18 years old.
Youtube atheist: you're all retard for believing in god!! evolution disproved god!! LOL
Regular atheist: Evolution says nothing about God. Must be a youtube atheist.
by Johnathon Matthews December 01, 2012

A pseudo-intellectual possessing a superinflated ego that espouses a belief or position as objectively and universally true though emphatic assertion of presuppositions, logical fallacies, infantile humor, threats, or insults; convinced that simply holding said belief or position automatically makes them intellectually, morally, or socially superior; constantly subject to self-contradiction, logical inconsistency, and willful ignorance of conflicting evidences and arguments.
At first I thought his position on abortion was interesting, but when I tried asking about specific situations where he might be wrong, he went all youtube atheist on me.

She's got a lot of passion about this, but she's such a youtube atheist she can't argue herself out of a wet paper bag.

Don't waste your time trying to convince him that all the pasta he's eating is making his diabetes worse, he's thinks it's healthy and he's being a total youtube atheist about it.
by Pleb Blabflap October 08, 2014
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