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Someone devoid of talent who whores themselves out shamelessly looking for subscribers by posting way too many crappy videos on a regular basis.
Fred is a youtube hero.
by Miles the Magnificent September 18, 2010
19 19
Youtube Hero is the nickname given to a player in a video game who insists on trying to kill the enemy in style and/or over-elaborate ways time and time again when simpler more effective ways exist. He/she constantly costs his/her team victory by continually trying to show off his/her skill in a manner that makes it look like they are trying to get some clips together for a Youtube montage.
In Gears of War

Jim: I killed three of the guys on their team and the last one came up behind me and got me, where the fuck was John?

Mike: He was way in the back with the sniper trying to blind fire a headshot.

Frank: God damn I hate Youtube Heroes
by QQSS March 11, 2011
20 0
Playing along to Guitar Hero songs with the Guitar Hero controller using Youtube videos.
I'm so bored. I'm gonna go play some Youtube Hero.
by pjppjp September 18, 2008
16 19