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Youth Group is a pop rock band from Sydney, Australia, formed in the late nineties by school friends Danny Allen, Paul Murphy, Toby Martin and Andy Cassell. Their songs sounds pure and amazing, however it's the lyrics that separate them from comparable bands. This is what music should sound like.
1). Youth Group = Coldplay + Death Cab - Overrated Hype.

A: Man those teen pop, mainstream rock and fake indie are making me sick.
B: Go listen to Youth Group's Casino Twilight Dogs.
by saint_nicotine October 22, 2006
an absolutely amazing band that's with epitaph records, but doesn't really belong there, but oh well they make my Life
Kid 1: Wow there is absolutely no music to which I am able to listen without having serious convulsions of pain.
Kid 2: Listen to Youth Group.
Kid 1: Wow my life is amazing now.
by ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh May 26, 2005
v. to tell your/your boy/girlfriend's parents that you are going to a spiritually educational class at your church when in reality, you are skipping to do unholy deeds at church.
me and my girl went youth grouping last sunday, it was amazing!
by youthgrouper November 11, 2006
A group of teens and/or preteens who get together, usually in a church to discuss God and matters of life. they are usually taught by priests / ministers who play fun little games with them while at the same time really indoctrinating (brainwashing) them to the values fo their religion, i.e. chastity, abstinence, chastity some more, purity. They usually have a general focus on "saving oneself" - trying to convince the teens not to have sex.
Hey, are you going to youth group tonight?

No, I think they are talking about chastity again.

What, you don't believe in chastity?

( Discussion ensues )
by DanBeresh! November 08, 2006

any trend popular within christian groups; not cool anymore; lame shit.
Girl 1: ohmygosh I just got this pink hair feather!
Girl 2: Ya you look so hot ohmygosh it's so cool we should go see Carrie Underwood!
Guy 1: Hey ya'll i got a new guy harvey shirt!

Guy 2: You guys are so fucking youth group.
by shellllllllls August 12, 2011
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