A phrase that you use to anserw any of "Tom.B's" questions, normally used to piss him off.
Tom- Hey what are you going to do this weeked
Us- Your mother
Tom- Dude your pissing me off Im gunna punch you in the face seriously.
by Yeahyeahyeah OKAY July 02, 2009
A crappy comeback (yet effective if used right) to say if you can't think of a good one.
Guy 1- Yo you suck at this
Guy 2- Your Mother
Guy 1- -_-
by Webster's_Kid March 01, 2012
The equivalent of 1000 medusa glares,10 michael jacksons,86.4 gorillas,has enough food between her folds of fat to feed the universe for 3 centuries,and when she passes gas the can kill anything living within 6 leagues.Her stench is so potent,those with fish odor syndrome smell like fresh picked daisies.
by A very scared person... March 21, 2010
a delightful young lady that i often fuck really hard
your mother was amazing
by trumothafucka May 16, 2006
kind of like "yo momma", but more intellectual.
kid from da hood: "YO MOMMA SO FAT....!!!"
reply from nerdy kid trying to fit in: "your mother..."
by PamBam June 12, 2006
Your Mother is the meaningless and effortless insult for the 'classy' kind of person
'Your Mother' can be used rather than using such low-browed expressions as 'ya mum' or 'yo momma'
person 1: hahaha OWNED! i slash on your face! woo hoo golden shower! lol!
person 2: ya mum
person 1: no, your mother
by AngryLiam March 15, 2005
is a filthy whore also a term used to offend.
you:Your just a little whore
me: yes and so is your mother
by csproatocast April 30, 2004

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