a deragatory term for instuling somone

ususaly followed buy an OOOOOOOOOOOO
guy 1:what sound does a doggy make
guy 2 :MOOOOO
guy 1 :no it doesnt
guy 2: thats the sound ur mother made last night
guy 1:no doggies go ruff ruff
guy 2: ruff eh thats how ur mother likes it OOOOOOOOO
by harry mcdinglestine February 22, 2005
The person I had sexual relations with last night.
you: What were you doing last night?
me: Your Mother
by yourmomer June 01, 2009
when in a argument, if the other person says your mother...

say it right back!
Brenden: you mother.

by AMMC July 10, 2008
How you would respond to a question when you don't know the answer, but still don't want to seem stupid.
Person1: Yo, what was the answer to that last math problem?
Person2: (thinks for a while, unable to solve the problem)....your mother.
by beep April 02, 2005
1.)A phrase said to another person when there is nothing else to say.
2.)A mean comeback to a person.
Sare:"What are you doing tonight?"
John:"Your mother."
by Muuuuuurayy. February 08, 2010
In terms meaning, yo momma. People say it if the conversation keeps going and you get bored so you say it at random. You can also use it in insults
ex. 1
Bob:So i got some coffee and i went back to my room and there was a caterpillar on my desk! amazing don't you think?

Bill:Your mother.

Ex. 2
Frank: What was the main thing you did at that party last night?

Joe: Your mother.
by peaceman76 October 13, 2008
A phrase that you use to anserw any of "Tom.B's" questions, normally used to piss him off.
Tom- Hey what are you going to do this weeked
Us- Your mother
Tom- Dude your pissing me off Im gunna punch you in the face seriously.
by Yeahyeahyeah OKAY July 02, 2009
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