ned's answer 2 every question they r ever asked, usually answered 2 look cool when they dont no the answer.
"hi gary, wots 2 plus 2"
"your ma"
by steph (nambar wan!) May 24, 2003
Top Definition
Northern Irish phrase which when used implied you engaged in sexual intercourse with the recipient of the insult's mother.
Stew: That test was hard
Cooldude: Just like me in your ma

Stew: Jazus it's windy
Cooldude: Yeah blowing as hard as your ma

Stew: Did ya do much last night?
Cooldude: Naw part from your ma
by Double G August 07, 2006
A Dublin phrase commonly used as a Rebuttle to almost any situation if you are either unable or too lazy to come up with something intelligent/witty. often sexual in nature. Can be related to So's your face
P.1 - Hey, I tried callin' you last night, What were you Doing?
P.2 - Your Ma.
by RobHand May 13, 2008
a) I am in disbelief
b) Sexual reference to ones mother
"I met Westlife in Castle court"
"aye your ma"

"I had your ma last night"
by Jonto December 30, 2004
Two Words Used For Anything at anytime.
When you cannot think of anything to say just say *You Ma*
Jim: Yoour Gay
Gary: So is your ma but im not complaining

Jim: What You Doing This Weekend
Gary: Your Ma

Jim: What Is The Anwser To Question 12?
Gary: Your Ma

Gary: *Laughs*
Jim: What's so funny
Gary: Your Ma
by Fredric December 20, 2007
An oft-used phrase used in the civilised locale of Liverpool. If you are unsure of the answer to a question, or lack a witty enough mind to come up with a decent retaliation, simply say, 'your ma'. It is derived from the art of performing sexual deviant acts with another person's mother. Variations include 'I did your ma last night, kidda' and 'your ma on toast'.
"You're gay, you are."
"You're ma's gay in bed, la."
by J-Me May 28, 2004
A phrase that is said in Dublin, It is a come-back to everything any one could ever say-(example 1)

it is also just pure fun to say,

also u can be even more lazy about this-(example2)

their is nothin to prove that this is used as a sexual phrase
bill:your gay
ben:your ma's gay
bill:shut your mouth about my ma
ben:shut your ma's face
bill:piss off and lick dick
ben:your ma like's to get pissed and lick my dick

bill:your gay
ben:your ma
bill:shut your mouth about my ma
ben:your ma
bill:piss off and lick dick
ben:your ma
by John keegan October 11, 2008
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