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a automatic response u say o ur little brother

brother:hey,whats a chode?
me:your mom.......
brother:what time is it?
me:time for you mom
brother:where do babys come from?
me:xbox live
brother:what is an nvidia 7900 GT OC graphics card and an creative x-fi soundblaster with fidelity, with 4 gigs of ram???/
brother:hey whats up?
me:your mom
brother:what are we having for thanksgiving dinner?@?@?@
me:duhh, your mom!!!!!
by kevo24 December 27, 2006
2 9
A term commonly used by computer and game techies as a type of insult very loosely used. It consists of a statement turned into a suggestive insult by simply adding You *insert phrase here* your mom. This insult can be thrown back and forth with different objects of the insult with the same phrase.
Dude number one: I was looking at the clock earlier...
Dude number two: You clocked your mom!
Dude number one: you clocked your mom's mom
dude number two: you clocked you dad!
dude number one: you clocked you dog's papa's baby's momma.
dude number two: dude, you just dissed my girlfriend.
by Pixxiespaz January 17, 2006
4 11
reply for: your mom !
guy 1: Your mom!
guy 2: She's your mom,too!!!!!!!!!
by kuree December 14, 2005
12 19
responce from anyone to any question; excluding the use of mothers
mom: "what do u want to eat?"
jen: "your mom"
mom: "no, u cant eat grandma"

jen: "your mom"
mom: "no your mom"
jen: "thats u!"
by DQIT and WIAAN April 30, 2005
1 8
an over used townie phrase. townies seem to think its some kind of insult, and the stupid townies, thats all of them, reply with 'your mom' to whatever you say to them ........................................................ idiots
Normal dude: hey, do you know where there bus station is?
Townie: YOUR MOM!

Normal dude: excuse me
by deadlyangel March 14, 2004
6 13
A comeback and/or insult
"Let's get off my mom, cause I just got off yours"
by your mom March 10, 2003
6 13
Person often seen on the Internet.
I saw your mom on the Internet.
by MoonKnight January 09, 2003
2 9