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Now I know this Isn't a word, but I feel the need to put this out there. This is a phrase commonly used by male homosapiens, of the age 12. This phrase can most commonly be heard from these creatures on an XBOX-360 or dare I say... The PS3. This phrase originates from ancient times. Also known as, When Call of Duty 4 Was cool. During these times, a 12 year old male homosapien was being constantly harrassed by older male homosapiens. He then proceeded to shout back at them, the phrase "Your Mom's A Whore!" This caused quite a ruckes between the older males. This phrase is now so commonly used, that people find it quite cliche. Therefore, it has little to no effect what-so-ever.
"I just killed you little bitch!" -Male 1
"Oh yeah, well, your mom's a whore!" - 12 year old
by The-D-TRAIN August 07, 2012
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