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A sexy beast that is also a kind and generous being who doesnt pressure girls into sex. He is often muscular with a great smile and amazing sense of humor. Younis is also a football player who generally breezes through any adversary and can usually be found with a cute girlfriend way shorter than he is.
Becky: Oh my god susie!
Susie: What?
Becky: Did you see Younis? He is such a dream! Hes so buff!
Susie: I know I call him!
by FWEBJW May 06, 2013
Originally stems from the last name of a notorious slumlord/small business owner in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia. Said owner knowingly created shell corporations and willfully filed bankruptcy in order to swindle tenants and investors on a large and expansive scale. (1)The term has since evolved as a means to describe a situation in which one party knowingly misleads a second party with the intent of stealing. However, most recently (2)the term has also developed as its own expletive.
(1) Bob: "Did you hear about Harry?"

Mike: Yeah, the bank took his house after the ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) interest rate went up and he couldn't pay.

Bob: I know dude, they totally "Younised" the shit out of him.

(2) Jerry: God Damn F*&^ing piece of Younis!!!

Carl: Whoa man, whats the matter?

Jerry: Nothing bro, my car won't start..its the biggest piece of Younis I've ever owned.
by TJ69dt January 04, 2012
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