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A Dope Teenage Rapper From Baltimore,MD.He Will Eat Any Of These Young Rappers for breakFast. His Music Can Be Found On Or This Kid Performs All Over The World And Rips The Stage . He Is A Cocky Type Dude Who Takes Noone SHit in The Rap Game Because He Know He Can Eat E'm Alive.
"Yup Yup ,
You Know Im The Shit,
Yes I Am The Shit With The Flies Around It,"
Where's Ya Girl ? ,
Nigga Find Ya Chick,
Oh Shit On My Dick ...She Say It's Permenent
She Got My Name Tatted,
Right Above Her Split ,
YoungGoldie In Grafitii So When I Spray On Her Clit."
#younggoldie #younggoldie meaning #rapper from baltimore #younggoldie smiff #amin peters
by Deante Anderson November 18, 2011
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