A man without grasp of the English language.
I can't believe Young just said 'pissa' again.
by Andrew September 07, 2004
a measure of age, young being someone or something that has not been on this world very long
"i'm still young, i've got my whole life ahead of me" said timmy
by Jewishcracka December 22, 2005
Opposite of "wise", i.e. the YOUNGer you are the lesser wiser you are..or something like that.
"Wise young man" is an oxymoron (unless he's had a vasectomy already!)
by Norman December 06, 2003
a name that is given to homoerotic earring wearing fags that were imported from korea to your country.
"you're name is Young? (In a sarcastic tone) Geez your parents were original when they named you..."
by Everybody Everywhere March 10, 2005
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