Washington, DC slang for the 2nd person reference, when speaking to someone. It's used when you don't know the name of a person, or even when you do know their name. It doesn't matter if they're younger or older.
Whattup young?! Those folks are trippin! Ay young?! Did you see how he snatched that rebound!
by Balls Smartley April 27, 2011
Random adjective inserted before a noun.
Lemme go hit this young chem class.

I'm bout to get at this young nap.
by Nice April 04, 2003
A guy who is the youngest than all, but wiser than most.
Youngs is one hell of a wise man.
by Athaemik April 16, 2015
1. A sneak whore. Someone who plays the game of football (whether in reality or in a video game) and quarterback sneaks every play unnecessarily.

2. Someone who runs without cause idiotically despite other (usually better) alternatives.

3. A tool who rocks a mohawk.

4. The username of a young man, between the ages of 17 and 25, who plays Starcraft: Brood War (Multiplayer) and believes that he is God's gift to NFL Blitz 1.22 (A UMS Game on Starcraft: Brood War).
Example 1:

"Yo, wanna play some street football with Vinny?"
"Nawh man, he's a fuckin' young."

Example 2:

"Yo, Vinny! Hop in! I'll drive ya to school."

—Vinny sprints off and begins running across I-95 to get to school—

"...Fuckin' Young gunna get himself killed."

Example 3:

"Look at that fuckin' Young."
by 10_Yards January 20, 2010
A mythical creature consisting of a cardboard box and hobo combined at a bridge. Generally smells of booze and loose change. Approach with caution.

And hand sanitizer.
Guy:Duuuddde.. what would the world be like if Youngs were real?

Girl: There would be more vomit on the ground?
by Kris Young September 01, 2008
The name Young in Ireland was brought to the country by Scottish and English settlers in the seventeenth century. The main setlement point was in the Province of Ulster where the majority of descendants can still be found.
her last name is young.
by joe May 20, 2005
An adjective to describe something that is very good.
"I just found 50 quid"
"That's fucking young mate"
by DCH May 14, 2006

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