The name Young in Ireland was brought to the country by Scottish and English settlers in the seventeenth century. The main setlement point was in the Province of Ulster where the majority of descendants can still be found.
her last name is young.
by joe May 20, 2005
Top Definition
Urban slang that is short for young'n, which is short for young one. An integral part of DC slang.
"Git off me young before I steal yo ass."
by Juan February 17, 2005
describes an article of clothing that is too small.
Shit, i must have gained 10 pounds, these pants are hella young!
by Yebeka December 19, 1999
(can also be spelled "yung" for added effect.)

1. (adj.) a word to put in front of any noun. this gives the original word more definition. putting "young" in front of a noun makes it 10x better. usually put in front of a work to describe how badass something is
1. Yea d00dz, lets go to the mall and get us some young v.

2. Lets go smoke that young cig.
by ivelostyourhope January 25, 2008

used to describe the appearence of clothing that it too tight for someone.
Often goes over peoples head when used in a sentance.

an item of clothing that is too small

My man that shirts is looking a little young on you...

by KHUDA GAWAH May 21, 2006
describes a person that you are friendly with (i.e a dawg, homie, friend etc.)
Sup young? Aint nutin dawg!
by starqueen March 27, 2003
Used to describe something cool or fresh, for instance:

It is often used in conjunction with "though" in the form of "young (insert noun) though".
I'm going to the young party though.
by Anon.JC October 16, 2010
YOUNG: Something Too small particularly talking about clothing
look at dude over there with that young ass sweater on
by MS PRESTIGOUS November 02, 2006
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