To vomit and shit at the same time in an uncontrollable fasion.
A person is so drunk that they are pooing and vomiting at the same time and cannot control it.
by Davzies Boy January 16, 2003
Top Definition
an unsuspecting photo of someone else a "youie"
by kattiswalrus March 22, 2014
A u-turn
She hung a youie in her Cheverolet and sped away.
by The_Robin June 12, 2010
1) A U-Turn

2) The opposite of a selfie
Let's make a quick youie.
by gxox February 15, 2014
Just like a selfie but a picture of someone else
You're so beautiful I want to take a youie. I'm not in this picture. It's a youie.
by mark guadagnoli January 06, 2015
As in You but referring to more than one person.
Youies are very lazy.
by niihal July 07, 2010
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