A video sharing site which is SUPPOSED to be strictly against adult material, where in reality it has more porn than most porn sites.
Hint: try going on youtube.com and searching for "porn". You will find nearly half a million videos.
by freddy234567 September 13, 2008
World's best forum, advocating the message "Broadcast Yourself" to everyone from from fetuses to dead people. However, it suffers from two major short-comings:
1. Absence of porn, full strip-teases and other such forms of nudity.
2. Absence of voice recognition.
Phil : Man, I had to like, totally get off last saturday, and nothing on Youtube could even get my pecker to reach mid-way ...
Duke : Try YouPorn ... !!!
by Chamaar May 15, 2010
a place to make videos
aj has no life and spends it on youtube
by anthony fassachussets June 17, 2008
One of the pioneering websites in which people all over the world can share their filmed videos or self created CGIs and whatnot to a huge variety of audience. Although competed by many imitators youtube still stands as the number one video sharing website, for now.
Unless youtube gets its acts together pornotube will soon surpass it in the number of viewing audience.
by wwwgownsshopcom November 24, 2007
Shitty website that only allows 10 minute video uploads to users, and has a lot of copyright restrictions. The website is unlike tudou.com, where there are no restrictions of that sort, and you can watch full episodes of Spongebob and Southpark.
tudou.com and youku.com are good websites, unlike youtube
by gandalfthehobbit October 04, 2010
A website that has millions of users that watch and upload videos. No mater how crappy your computer is, you can still watch the videos with internet and the right plug-ins.
Visit youtube.com/user/afghansouljah and subscribe.
by Afghan dude December 02, 2008
Site to generally waste time. Youtube > anything on shitbox I mean tv. What nerds do in their spare time
Person1: Dude, I was watching tv lastnight and there was nothing on!!!

Person2: OMFG you still have a Shitbox? I shot mine and now go to Youtube
by Benjamus April 13, 2007

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