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the best source for finding classic rock stars in their early years, racially charged comments, and homophobism.
charlie: Abby did you see that monkees video on youtube?
Abby: yeah! oh my god theyre sexy!


random youtube douche 1: i hate gay people!
by Anon. E. Mous. November 06, 2011
3 3
One of the best websites where you find videos on anything you fucking please, with an exception of porn. If you want to go to porn, you have to go to youporn, where all the porn that gets deleted on youtube goes to. Back then, youtube used to be a place where you can find more stupid videos that are most likely seen on Americas Funniest Home Videos, but now the videos are polished and they are a lot similar to regular TV. You have shows that are on youtube that are better than the ones that are on TV.
YouTube is better than TV.
by kyster23 April 17, 2011
8 9
(verb) To look up a video or specific event on normally said in exclamation towards another allowing another conversation topic for the future or after making an obscure reference.
Guy 1: Man, this bears an uncanny resembelance to that Bear on a treadmill video.

Guy 2: What the hell is that?

Guy 1: You haven't seen that? Youtube that shit man!
by ThaPoolsClosed September 26, 2009
5 6
The ultimate and most addicting site out there. Except for addicting games. Also the most useful.
The first thing i did this morning was get up and go on youtube
by addictedtoyoutube April 16, 2011
2 4
videos you watch on youtube.
Jimmy- "Come play football with us."
Andy- "Leave me alone, I'm watching my youtubes."
by John Kluender May 26, 2008
6 8
A video sharing site which is SUPPOSED to be strictly against adult material, where in reality it has more porn than most porn sites.
Hint: try going on and searching for "porn". You will find nearly half a million videos.
by freddy234567 September 13, 2008
19 22
World's best forum, advocating the message "Broadcast Yourself" to everyone from from fetuses to dead people. However, it suffers from two major short-comings:
1. Absence of porn, full strip-teases and other such forms of nudity.
2. Absence of voice recognition.
Phil : Man, I had to like, totally get off last saturday, and nothing on Youtube could even get my pecker to reach mid-way ...
Duke : Try YouPorn ... !!!
by Chamaar May 15, 2010
2 8