1. a video sharing website where anyone can upload. Youtube is owned by google and was created in 2005
"Do you watch youtube"
by themlgduck May 13, 2016
The reason us humans are evolving backwards it has been scientificly proven by @LeafyIsHere That YouTube is complete shit filled with "cyberbullies,unoriginal content, and "social experiments"
Look at Leafys video osrry cant show links look up The Most Disqusting video Leafy is here ← Society today Copy this link the word doesn't need a definition. YouTube
by Moona! June 13, 2016
A video streaming website. Used to be a great site until its demise when it was bought out by google. Although google did some good things that we accept as the consumer, there were many changes that damaged YouTube. One of these was a bot that filters through every YouTube video in order to spot copyright infringement. Now thanks to google's lazy choice of using a bot over a human to do the copyright work, big companies saw this as a big money maker and censorship machine and had started to abuse this copyright system in order to care and harass YouTubers who critique on products, movies, etc. Currently (This will be an outdated event in the future) there are good people fighting back against this harmful and greedy scum that intend to create "bloodshed" for profit. And again, despite all of this bad stuff, YouTube is a great site and it will be even better if we help eliminate the problems affecting it.
John: Hey Tobias. Remember the guy that reacted to the Damn Daniel vines?
Tobias: Yeah. Did anything happen to him?
John: He had his reaction video and a couple of others taken down by a fake company named Merlin CDLTD. Theydon't care how much damage they do to YouTube, they just want the money because "Money talks"
Tobias: Ive heard of people rebelling against this scum and I'm part of the good fight! wanna help make YouTube great again?
John: Yeah! lets fight the good fight!
by dr.danger65 June 26, 2016
I saw that the definitions for Youtube are all almost 10 years old so I decided to tell you about YouTube today.
Youtube is a place for millions to enjoy videos from all over the world. Creators make videos and upload them for people to enjoy.

Some creators like pewdiepie, smosh, and nigahiga have made it big and are now able to make Youtube a full time job.
I can keep rambling about Youtube Red, gaming, music, parodies, unboxing toys, or Youtubers making their own movies, but I'll stop there. So... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Stop reading about YouTube and start enjoying it!
I need to get out of the house dude, I've been watching Youtube since 1 o clock in the morning.
by Fabulous girl 21 July 19, 2016
Where all my time goes when I should be typing an essay... My worst enemy to motivation..
Lame Teacher: Why does your essay have so many random words everywhere?
Tired Student From All Night Youtubing: Duh, they are song lyrics
Lame Teacher: So why did they end up on here?
Tired Student From All Night Youtubing: I was trying to write it but Youtube got in the way...
by ERMERGERD I FARTED!! January 21, 2016
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