A website that is owned by Google that has absolutely terrible copyright rules, thanks to the DMCA.
Guy1: I got a copyright strike on YouTube for playing a copyrighted song for 3 seconds.
Guy2: YouTube has some of the worst copyright rules.
Guy2: I agree
by MrDylanyay June 19, 2016
A website where people can freely upload and comment on videos. This site used to be very useful, but has been taken over by 12-13 year olds with too much time on their hands. They will deliberately click on a video that doesn't interest them, and will not just post profanity, but graphic, violent, hateful messages. You're not safe anywhere. If you have a profile picture that has anything to do with My Little Pony, anthro or anime, chances are you will have someone come and say spiteful things about you, even if you did absolutely nothing wrong. It's disgusting and a waste of everyone's time. Granted there are still good videos on there, but the amount of torture and hate people go through in the comments section is unbelievable.
*VegetaBrony comments on a youtube*
VegetaBrony: Lol! I love your vids man! Keep them coming!
by Antihater March 28, 2015
A video website that violates the most fundamental principles of the internet by neglecting to exercise certain First Amendment rights.
How can there be a video sharing website without porn?
Youtube sucks!
by Anymous for fear of retribution November 29, 2006
Factory farming of successful video ideas by ordinary everyday people. You can bet any idea for a video that is fresh and new and successful will become dull, tired and over used by next month like ASMR or gaming videos, since any girl with boobs can put on a low cut top and push up bra and speak softly and get guys going.

And any eccentric gamer can act like a mental patient who hasn't taken their meds playing a PC game while moaning about their framerate can pull in lots of kiddie viewers who think they are awesome.

Also the stupid clickbait list videos, example: 1o reasons why you shouldn't flush the toilet after you take a shit or 10 reasons why you have been jacking off wrong all your life or 25 people who were famously caught having sex in a phone box.

What happens when morons are allowed access to public TV with a potential audience of millions and become millionaires themselves because of it.

If thats' not enough retardedness for you, there's also a comments section on every video where you can have the same shitty arguments about politics and religion that have been going since the dawn of the Internet and insult or be insulted by those who don't agree with you. You can make the most retarded statement ever and if anyone disagrees with you just yell "Freedom of Speech mutha fucka!!"
If you watch videos on Youtube, you are a fucking tube.
by Goth Doll June 29, 2016
A very popular social network created for people to upload their very own content and might make a little cash off of it as well.
A job that I actually love, Youtube.
by SparkledElement July 24, 2015
A placen of magic. The trolls and witches live in the comments, the ghosts and fairies live in the like button, the genies and wizards live in the sub box and the queens and kings live up in the video.
I love YouTube but those trolls in the comments fought with the witches like me.
by BasicDisney December 30, 2014
The reason my internet's capped.
God damn it! I'm addicted to YouTube, and now I got 56k speed!
by -Tazer- September 13, 2007
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