Let's see what is on Youtube today...Two 15 year olds lip-syncing "Barbie Girl," some dude getting kicked in the nuts, a cute puppy, two 15 year olds lip-syncing "Hey Ya"...
by JakeStar November 24, 2006
Website which allows users to upload their own videos. Also allows users to comment on videos which other users have previously upload. However these comments somehow ALWAYS end in racial arguements.
Example unnecessary, check for self www.youtube.com
by Kdotcdotpdot October 02, 2008
The root of all evil. A source for people worldwide to comment on the world's most popular videos. A source of watercooler chat at work. People usually still ask others if they have seen the afro ninja and the numa numa guy and get laughed at for being stuck in 2005. The best website ever. Porn for kids.
Billy: Man my mom caught me masturbating to a booty video on youtube, it sucked.

Man 1: Hey, have you seen that numa numa video??

Man 2: Man, you are stuck in 2005, you loser.
by Justin Silver July 17, 2008
a site designed for people to upload share and view videos. often ruined by the racist immature misspelt and foul comments by fuckheads and gronks most of who are aussies.
youtube user: can i ask u sumting u knwo dat guy wit da beard yer lol wta fny kunt but if ne 1 membas unuda shuffle i think day afta dat i go to dis skul.

a lil yr 7 in dat trys to shffle lol wit dat big guy wat was his anem i forgot but if nebody knows daname of da vid plz plz

tap bak n tel us kk l8rz !!!!

youtube user replies; learn to spell motherfucker!
by getfucked July 10, 2008
A place for Asians to showcase their talents.
I was on Youtube one day and after five minutes, i felt inferior because of all the crazy asian breakdancers, DDR players, piano players, and martial artists.
by bboy darkness July 29, 2008
A video sharing site that was made by Three former PayPal employees. Acquired by Google in 2006, YouTube is one of the most popular sites ever. (Next to MySpace) But, sometimes, people put a fight video on YouTube and people complain how YouTube is dangerous for kids. Even though it somewhat is, there is a FLAG button for a reason!
Person 1:I watched a funny video on YouTube the other day...

Person 2: Me too.
by dnlhern January 19, 2009
The video sharing site that allows you to "broadcast yourself". Launched in 2005 and purchased by Google in 2006, the site was good until around late 2008/early 2009 when Youtube started acting more like a dictatorship, enforcing stupid copyright rules, forcing users to adapt to new designs and formats they don't want, eliminating user groups, and requiring users to sit through ads before letting them watch their video. If you are thinking of starting an account I urge you to reconsider. If you currently have an account, I would consider deleting it and not returning until Youtube agrees to return to the way things worked from around 2005-mid 2008.
Youtube has gone to hell since Google took over. They want to kick the everyday you and me users off the site and only allow popular people like Fred and Rebecca Black to post videos. To the YT heads, if you don't pay money, you aren't worth their time.
by Gaaraofthedamned January 04, 2012
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