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Name given to all the idiotic people who post comments on Youtube.
"Vile rage? Rampant racism? Huge neckbeard? Yep, we've got a Youtard on our hands. I wonder what the thinks about the Moon Landing..."
by DiseasedTempest November 28, 2007
31 18
Someone who posts a meaningless video on YouTube.
I'm sending you a link to a 28 second clip I found on YouTube, posted by a YouTard, which has no apparent purpose other than to take up space.
by circushead December 21, 2006
55 6
The large number of people that comment on youtube videos who do at least one of the following: troll, lack proper grammar/spelling skills, post ridiculously stupid comments that prove they have a low iq, or ask people to give them a thumbs up...
Bill: That video was hilarious man. Did you read some of those comments also? Those were pretty good too....

Jim: No, I usually don't bother reading them because it is just a bunch of youtard nonsense.
by the dark seahorse April 20, 2011
1 1