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What a horny former Vice-President says to a licensed massage therapist at the culmination of a three hour massage that has not resulted in a happy ending. You might call it "An Inconvenient Boner". The results of said encounter include the dissolution of a 40 year marriage, a police investigation, worldwide coverage in the tabloid press, generally much more than one ejaculation seems worth. But I'm not a guy so maybe I don't understand.
A licensed massage therapist is not a prostitute. If you want to get laid call an "escort service", a high end call girl (like Eliot Spitzer did), or cruise the local bars. If I'm a 54 year old professional and "You know you want it", don't assume that I do.
by pelicanellie July 03, 2010
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What a man says to a woman (usually a virgin) when she intends to have any kind of sex with him, but has doubts whether it is the right thing to do.
The phrase is intended to encourage the woman to give up her doubts and have sex, because she wants it herself.
Jennie intends to give Kevin a blowjob, but she isn't sure whether to do it or not.
-Kevin, I am not sure about this...
-Come on, you know you want it!
by Urban_Fellow July 13, 2006
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A phrase where a desperate man is trying to seduce a girl so she can be another notch in the bedpost, but listen guys
cos ALL girls dont necessarily want it. It really pisses me off that you assume that all we want is sex or that "we say no but we really mean yes" it wont give up our doubts but it will give up our dreams (when you pressure us in the case of full-blown sex) so when we say no it MEANS no look it up in the goddamn dictionary.
Joe: ready to take the next step babe? (kisses Jill heavier and heavier)
Jill: I'm not ready yet, to give up my dreams of becoming a doctor we should wait a while, we're not mature for sex yet but when we are it'll be really special.
Joe: common you know you want it you prude
Jill: *slaps joe* grow up you pig and leaves joe with his right hand.
by Hellen Wheels February 22, 2007
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