The most amazing person on the planet.
Hey, you! Heres a raise for your amazing work.
by uberoverlord December 28, 2014
Male:You are a fucking beast. You rule the lands with mighty electrolites that all the bitches crave. You make Jesus look like a bitch because you turn water into fucking vodka because wine is for bitches. Your throbbing dick bests even the Eiffel tower. You've got so much raw fucking skill that you could beat chuck norris' ass. You in bed is like the Second fucking Cumming of Christ. You fuck people so hard they crack a fucking rib or something. so spread the word about You, you sexy man beast. You are awesomeness.

Female: men bow before you as if you were Aphrodite in skin-tights. you could crush a mans testicles just by giving him the fucking eye. All those skank ass bitches ain't got nothin on your perfectly round, felupshuis breasts. Any man would murder just to get a glimpse of your bitchen style. You put the ass in classy, You. Any bitches who dare cross your path will feel the full wrath of your legendary cumbacks. You is you, any one who says different can die in hell.
You should show this to all of your rad-tastical friends!
by Theycallmedreww October 16, 2014
The person without a sense of humor who is going to reject this submission.
You take yourself to seriously.
by chadsuperhero December 16, 2013
Plural of you and is a real word
'Yous should come visit Buckingham palace sometime' -Queen Elizabeth the second
by thisisarealwordsorry October 08, 2013
A genuine original.

Extraordinary an unique, with unlimited potential.

The real thing
You are you
by Yunks January 11, 2016
Clearly you should know who you are now
You are a moron for reading this
by weirdyrandommetal1977 September 02, 2014
Commonly used in Jersey City. Part of the Jersey City lingo.
YOUS yelled at the baby!
by Dylan Ritter November 12, 2008

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