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what you say when Paula Abdul grabs onto your legs at her house and wont let you leave because she's so monsterly fucked on painkillers and knows NOBODY will put up with her crazy horseshit besides you and then she tries to bribe you with $1100.00 keesh and a boxter (old one..wtf?) and then she takes a dump in the washing machine but you tell her....
oh, yeah... sorry...you stupid cunt, fuck off...ok.. it's kinda like big foot doing massive bongs with Wavy Gravy, whilst enjoying more Yorkshire Pudding than offered (that ungrateful shitpile) then being totally offended by WG's complete lack of etiquette in not tossing the big hairy's salad, like a champ... orrrrr!!...(bigfeet noize)

Basically, you're expressing the end of a once-magical relationship...that no one will ever believe happened... except that BUTTHOLE Simon who pretended to video tape like I'd asked him but totally fucking lied..whatever, cheeerz
by BOND, DYED BLOND December 30, 2011