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Phrase implying unyielding friendship Even if you are all the way wrong, the ppl that spoke this have your back. 2. your nigga tells you this 3 Friend you call when shit goes south i.e. when you fuck up 4 a Mothafucka who would never sell you out ,5.a hommie that's "ride or die" 6.A greeting
1.I dont care if you banged my wife and my mom , you still my dawg.

2.Fuck dem bitch ass dudes, you my dawg and ill be a mothafucka if I let someone go out on you like that.
4.Say my nigga, I just got caught fucking your sister in the ass by your moms, Friend: "Its all good cuz you my Dawg and your grandma just took it in the brown too.
by Un10nCarb1d4 December 03, 2012
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