An insult to be used when someone has done something stupid or made a mistake. Something REALLY stupid.

It is insulting because obviosuly you would have to be a real dumbass to buy an N-Gage. That makes this basically the modern form of "You bought a Sega 32X, didn't you?"
Bob: I want to see the Olson Tiwn's new movie!
Bill: You bought an N-Gage didn't you?

Luke: Terence, wheres you kitchen?
Terence: Right over there luke!
*Luke gets lost in the basement*
Terence: Luke! You moron! Your in the basement!?
Mr.Harris: Luke bought an N-Gage didn't he?
by Sega Slayer April 04, 2004
Another one of LUE's stupid, pointless, and moderation-causing fads.
<Zabi> I don't like porn or hentai.
<Umaro> You bought an N-Gage, didn't you?
by dj gs68 October 29, 2003

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