Your Obedient Servant

(First mentioned on the NPR show, "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me.")
P.J. O'Rourke: Why do you people need abbreviations? If I want to say WTF, I'll just say "WTF". Whatever happened to "Your Obedient Servant?"
Peter Sagal: Now we say "YOS."

Dear P.J.,
Thks 4 the memories.
by joebobbybillybob October 07, 2009
Top Definition
A term used to describe black people in the ghetto.
"look at those yos slinging rock"
by Jimmy McNulty March 28, 2008
a derivative of the word "yas", used to express extreme joy, enthusiasm, or satisfaction.
"YOS!!! Beyoncé is on the radio!!"
"Nicki Minaj is slaying right now, YOS!!!"

"Ugh, Iggy Azalea is on the radio, NOT yos."
by yos_bitch_yos March 01, 2015
singular and plural form (like sheep) meaning cigarette
Aye, can i get a yos?
by skullgun March 19, 2005
YOS (rhymes with sauce) - You're overly specific. When someone, usually a nerd, responds to a question or statement with far more detail than necessary. This response will usually be accompanied by condescension or arrogance. Contrast with YAS, you're adequetly specific.
Normal Person: You're being overly specific.
YOSer: Don't you mean I'm being itoo/i specific?
Normal Persion: YOS. You're doing it again, YOSer.
by Dubman2525 August 13, 2010
Contraction of Yours

also used as partial nickname
Yo's my friend.

Me and yo's.
by midi_Olav December 10, 2011
a slang word meaning jokes,yossing= joking
jems: What do you call a Chav in a box?

Douci: Innit

Tish: that's yos!
by rimbie December 25, 2008
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