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An orgasm in a silver wrapper. Not to be mistaken with a Reese's Peanut butter cup, an orgasm in an orange wrapper. These are the closest thing to heaven you can get without dying.
John: Oh, man, my girl dumped me. You wanna go pick up some chicks?

Jim: Nah, here's some advice, go eat a york peppermint patty, they are the answers to all you problems.
by Unerappriciated November 22, 2011
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A black person who acts like a white person.
Person 1: Let's go play a pickup basketball game at the park?

Person 2: No thanks, I'm pretty bad at basketball.
Person 3: That guy is such a York peppermint patty... No black guy is bad at basketball.
by Astrothegreat January 14, 2015
Annoying comercials about some Choclate shit.In literally EVERY commercial for them,there is a girl is having an Orgasm.
Dude,did you see that new York Peppermint patty commercial?She was having quite the Orgasm!
by Derpy Hoovies July 27, 2011

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