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The accidental misspelling of "you". A text message acronym for You Puop. Puop once a gain a text misspelling.
Texter #1:did who are yopu?
Texter #2:Brown, as always....
by Vibbix April 07, 2010
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Mythical character of Great Intelligence. Often referred to as "The Great and Wise Yopu". His advice is often sought after in large pharmaceutical companies trying to determine marketing and sales strategies.
Yopu made some amazing observations relating to the staffing of the sales forces today.
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1) an insult for a person of less than average intelligence.
2) the past tense of 'you.'
3) The nickname given to a member of the secret society of soulseek.
2)I was yopu.
by cloudsdrive May 02, 2005
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A paronomastic papa picking on his pathetic princess during her pity party.
Patty was feeling sorry for herself until Bill used excessive puns to tease her out of it, exclaiming, "Dad! You're such a yopu!"
by TheBrat January 16, 2013
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