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To eat with the loudest possible decibels and most disgusting mouth action ever know to man kind. Usually children owned by parents without table manners. Also a favorite of the elderly in community cafes. On rare occasions you will witness yopping by upstanding pillars of the community who often 'disappear' a few weeks later under mysterious circumstances.
You're yopping. Stop at once, move at once or prepare to be harmed.
by Darmonatrix January 23, 2012
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Yopping is the process of walking whilst drinking the yoghurt drink yop. This abilitity is a rare skill and beginers should not attempt to Yop at speed. Only the Yop monks of tibet have the combination of ballance and awareness that is needed to master the skill of yopping at great speed. Again i repeat the warning, do not attempt yopping at speed as this may result in spillage, strawberry smelling clothes and DEATH.
"Dude where have you been?"
"I was like yopping down the street last week and tried doing it quickly but failed and i've been in a comma all week"
"I guess i learnt my lesson"
by Yopmonk2408 July 12, 2009
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the art of throwing your yop at someone
yo lipinksi was commiting yop crimes all night
by oakville thugz May 01, 2005
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