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Jelly fish from an old episode of Sesame Street, while swishing up and down said "Yop Yop".
Oh, Big Bird stick your beak under water and look at the jellys going "Yop Yop, Yop Yop"...
by trickyCad December 19, 2006
12 1
1) proper response to the statement: your momma.
2) good way to back out of talking smack
def 1:
you fat bastard.
your momma (and or mom)
yop yop.
def 2:
your moms dick barks at people.
yop yop
by godalmightyamoeba March 28, 2010
3 1
Yop yop means that Alder stole this from Christa, and claimed it as his, which would mean that Alder is a stealer face and this word belongs to Christa, therefore Christa wins no challenge.
Yay for yop yop! :)
by Christaface. June 24, 2004
6 11
Alder is a big fat liar face head brain.
Yop yop.
by Veronica. June 24, 2004
5 11
agreeing with. alder made this its his. yop yop is alder
christa: your so cool
alder: yop yop
by alder June 23, 2004
3 10