yonkers is stereotyped as a hell hole and shit but theres only liek 9 murders there a year adn there citys huge with liek 200,000 dont get me wrong shits ruff there but not liek wut it used to be today its liek a walk in the park from wut it was in the 80's and 90's wen dmx and mary j. and d-block was growin up there but liek 3/4 of is it aright and the southwest kinda southeast is a lil fucked up
yonkers aka y.o. 914 a good part of westchester no matter wut yall say
by DJ_Rukus July 05, 2007
A word adopted from the classic cartoon Scooby Doo. The word means for one to wait along period of time to do something.
"Jeez, this bus is taking yonkers!" moaned Stacey.
"Oh nut, doughnut!" replied Jack.
by Airabba Jihaad October 31, 2006
Yonkers is not just some "ghetto north of the Bronx" that people think. 7/8 of Yonkers is not ghetto. In the east side, the outer borough waste stops at the city line and segues into a diverse, small-city atmosphere similar to that of the Bronx or Brooklyn when they were in their prime before the 1970s. The most heterogenous place in Westchester, Yonkers is almost seen as its own county. It is home to great Italian restaurants like Ferrara's and Valentino's, a wealth of Irish culture on McLean Avenue, and of course, Stew Leonard's and the signature racetrack. Definitely not a city to write off as "Bronx North" or just another Westchester suburb.
Though often less than picturesque, and with bad schools and a bad reputation and moderate crime in the southwest, there's nothing quite like it.
by Matt November 04, 2004
gangster, wankster, or group of hoodlums
I was walking home from work and i was attacked by a group of yonkers.
by angry jessica November 22, 2004
Until recently, the 4th safest city in the United States. Mayor Amicone has ruined it for all Yonkers Citizens. Vincenza Restiano, candidate for 2008 mayoral race plans to change that. RESTIANO 2008.
Yonkers will be resurected from its tax grave when Vincenza Restiano takes mayoral posistion.
by Eddie G May 02, 2007
The small, rubber handles on the top of a space hopper.
You fell off because you weren't holding the yonkers tight enough.
by RickRipper May 09, 2006
when you punch someone in the kneecap very hard and yell "yonker!"
I fucked chris up with a yonker!
by studdboyz October 08, 2003
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