gangster, wankster, or group of hoodlums
I was walking home from work and i was attacked by a group of yonkers.
by angry jessica November 22, 2004
Until recently, the 4th safest city in the United States. Mayor Amicone has ruined it for all Yonkers Citizens. Vincenza Restiano, candidate for 2008 mayoral race plans to change that. RESTIANO 2008.
Yonkers will be resurected from its tax grave when Vincenza Restiano takes mayoral posistion.
by Eddie G May 02, 2007
The small, rubber handles on the top of a space hopper.
You fell off because you weren't holding the yonkers tight enough.
by RickRipper May 09, 2006
when you punch someone in the kneecap very hard and yell "yonker!"
I fucked chris up with a yonker!
by studdboyz October 08, 2003
One of the 5th Ghetto Cities out of New York City, Bronxville, and Long Island, Hempsted.
North and West Side of Yonkers is somewhat peace and Quite. The rest of Yonkers is aka the next Borough of all New York City Neighborhoods and Suburbs somewhat like; Jamaican Refuge, Bronxville Side, and Liberia-Maryland.
by Team Murders Player March 05, 2006
A unit of measurement equivalent to 18 inches.
Oh shit, slap the chains on your snow tires, were going to get a yonker of snow tonight.
by Itsonlygayifyourballstouch February 08, 2006
Moderately respectable city in Westchester NY. Many wiggers here think they are from the Bronx, much in the way all the Italian kids in Staten Island think they are from Brooklyn. In short, if all these outerboros fell off the face of the earth I don't think anyone in my neighborhood would honestly care.
OK, yes, parts of Yonkers are indeed ghetto, but I don't see why that's exactly something to brag about...
by Johnny X. June 19, 2005

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