wow matt moderate crime bad school theres nutihg like it. crime isnt moerate crime is heavy, and schools are horrible not bad. the board of education is laying off teahcers faster than ur moms getting layed a nihgt. not to mention, how u not gonna call i the north of the bronx wen bk is yonkers brtother and backyard. yonkers isnt a suburbia u dipshit, manhataan is less than 10 miles away. how u gonna say its 7/8 ghettomwhen all of the south is, and half of the north is. there is no mroe welath in yonkers, and if u had ne idea wut u were talking about u would no that. i grew up off a branch of mclean, and its not a rich section of the city its regarded as one of the most urbinzed areas of yonkers. get a life and stop righting derfintions to shit u dont even understand.
matt is probably a suburban white boy who has no idea where yonkers is or wut its like. wow.
by bluejay March 15, 2005
where all the hard niggas are from
and all the hard niggas the come from yonkers
by yonkaz914 January 18, 2011
1. City in Westchester County, New York.
2. Ethnically/economically diverse city where upper middle class Italian/Irish kids in their Acuras brag about their Section 8 neighbors and how "ghetto/hood" the city is. Your dad owns his own landscaping business, you ARE "that rich white boy" face it.
"I'm from Y-O, bro! Dunwoodie what up!" "McLean Av what's really good!!! Yonkers baby!" "Damn look at that herby ass white boys thinkin they hood. I wanna see them walk thru Mulford or Mt vernon"
by Yonkers Man November 07, 2006
A city of hills where nobodys on the level
The new mayors from yonkers. Oh yeah he must be a crook.
by johnny yonkers November 18, 2010
a place where dipshits go to become cops. they are mostly white and like to keep it that way. yonkers pigs drive around in grey or beige chevy impalas and unmarked cabs with a spotlight on them. they are either straight out of high school or fat as fuck
NYC cops are way more chill than fuckin yonkers cops

the day you are due to get out of jail at bookings, yonkers cops will send u to county jail just to be dipshits

yonkers cops are racist drunks and take weed coke and cash home from raids.

yonkers pigs are on the eastside of McLean ave getting hammered when they are off-duty or home listening to rush limbaugh smoking a cigar and abusing their wives in the burbs

i saw a minority cop the other day and i thought "holy shit, REPRESENT!"

yonkers cops only have high school diplomas and are hired at 18

yonkers cops are fat as fuck. they give a whole new meaning to pigs
by thequickbrown October 20, 2011
Basically, can be used for anything and everything. You can fill it in to places, like if you were to want to swear around your parents, just fill in Yonker where te swear word would be. Another example is a house of residence. You can really use it for anything, try it!
Mom, I've had one yonker of a day.

Did you see Billy's Yonker???? Man that Yonker was HUGE!!!
by YonkerForLife February 27, 2015
Something, crazy, fly dope, fine, or wack. It can mean good or bad depending on how it's said. It was derived in Yonkers Newyork.
Yo, that girl ass be YONKERS, if ya know what I mean.

My date was date was going good till she told me about her family life and it was straight up YONKERS.
by westsydepemp July 22, 2014

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